President Obama: Be Even Bolder on Global Warming

There’s a terrific new report out by the White House on the economic damage that will be wreaked by global warming, and it is good to see them be so strong about the dangers not only to our environment but to the economy. The actions the Obama administration has taken so far given that the Congress is refusing to act — including regulating carbon emissions in coal plants, getting the car companies to agree to higher average gas mileage, and issuing a good set of executive orders to help address the issue — are all good steps forward. But given the truly massive consequences scientists and economists see coming, for the sake of future generations, the seriousness of this issue needs to be add

Presidential Politics and Predictions: Be Ready to Be Wrong

Markos Moulitsas at Dailykos has a thoughtful piece up on the 2016 presidential primary for the Democrats, arguing that Hillary is inevitable; Elizabeth Warren isn’t running; and that the latter fact is actually a good thing for progressives. I agree with Markos that Warren is a major asset right where she is — her Senate seat gives her a great platform to drive the progressive cause forward, now and for many years to come. He is right on target that she is a genuinely good legislator, with an amazing instinct for how to get things done there given how short a time she has been a politician, and that a presidential race could hurt her effectiveness in the Senate (although I think Markos over

South Dakota Senate Candidate Makes New Music Video

South Dakota Democratic Senate candidate Rick Weiland, whose innovative Johnny Cash cover earlier this campaign helped spark his populist, town-to-town campaign into the national progressive blogosphere, has released a follow-up to his “Everywhere Man” video. Weiland has turned Roger Miller’s “King of the Road” into “Bring on the Road,” a self-testimonial about Weiland’s second trip to every town in South Dakota. Politics can become boring and predictable. That’s what makes Weiland such a unique candidate, which is why I have been excited to be consulting for his campaign from the beginning. He’s hitting parades on the weekends, coffee shops during the week and still isn’t afraid to pull

The Progressive Moment

I am in Detroit at Netroots Nation with 3,000 pugnacious activists who are fighting the good fight to turn this country around. I am proud to be a part of this movement — people who are diverse, innovative, gutsy, resourceful. Okay, metaphor time: The progressive family tree is an big old tree with many branches. It is rooted deeply in the activism and courage of hundreds of years of American history. The branches include immigrants’ rights and civil rights activists, community organizations, the labor movement, the feminist movement, low-wage workers, the Netroots, environmental groups, LGBT activists, money in politics reformers, Wall Street reformers, and so many more. And the trunk of

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