Creative Tension: Hillary and the Progressive Movement

When I worked in the Clinton White House, our first big blowout of a fight was the 1993 budget battle. We ended winning every vote by the narrowest of margins, but in the end that budget was probably the most progressive budget passed since LBJ’s heyday in the mid ‘60s, and arguably the most progressive passed since. We cut taxes on low-income folks and raised them on the wealthy, and we pumped a lot of new dollars into domestic programs. But there were a lot of things the could have been better, like there always are in politics, and I’ve always remembered Bill Clinton telling Bernie Sanders after we passed the budget that maybe if he and other progressives had raised more hell early about

The Narrative of the Koch Brothers Tapes: The Debate We Have to Have

The Koch brothers secret conference tapes have by now generated well over 100 national media stories, cable news segments, local TV clips related in the states of the candidates who spoke there, and blog posts. I know of at least seven different ads run directly because of the tapes, either by candidates or groups, and there may well be more on the way. Tens of millions of campaign and organization emails have been sent quoting from the tapes. And some prominent Democrats have been talking about them as well, including Harry Reid and Bill Clinton. The story of these prominent Republicans meeting with the Koch brothers in secret will be reverberating around the 2014 election cycle until elect

Why Won’t McConnell Answer the Question?

Incredible, yet highly predictable new video out today from Lauren Windsor at The Undercurrent (disclosure: my organization, American Family Voices, sponsors The Undercurrent): Mitch McConnell acting arrogant and aggravated while refusing to answer a really important question about offensive statements made at a Koch brothers retreat that he recently attended. Check it out: The Richard Fink speech, and the other speeches McConnell called “inspiring,” were jaw-droppingly extreme, even for the Koch brothers. And here’s the other thing: The outrageous remarks Harry Reid cites in the video are just the tip of the iceberg. They obscure the Kochs’ even more extreme philosophy of government, articu

The 47 Percent on Steroids, With a Hit of Koch

It appears from what Mitch McConnell said at the opening of his speech to the Koch brothers’ secret conference in June, that he found the collection of philosophical speeches reported today by Lauren Windsor in The Huffington Post to be “inspiring.” I think for most Americans, the word would be appalling. Now we know not only what the politicians said to the assembled millionaires and billionaires at the retreat, we know the philosophy behind the political activities of the Koch brothers and their various organizations. And the beliefs they espouse are even worse than I had ever imagined they would ever say out loud, even in secret. This is far worse than Romney’s infamous 47 percent video

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