Elizabeth Warren’s Winning Ways

Much has been made of Elizabeth Warren being the go-to Democrat in this cycle, being eagerly welcomed in places like West Virginia and Kentucky where few other Democrats were. Elizabeth’s populist message works with both base Democratic activists and voters, and with hard-pressed, white, working-class folks who aren’t real fond of Barack Obama. But here’s the thing about the elections that has been less commented on: In the purple states and tough races where Elizabeth prioritized, or where candidates consciously followed her on message and strategy, Democrats did pretty damn well in what was obviously an overwhelmingly Republican year. Let’s start with three Senate races the media has all b

An Agenda and Narrative That Wins Elections

This blog post is partly about politics and partly about economic policies that will expand America’s middle class and make it more prosperous in the modern era. The story of the 2014 election was that Democrats can’t succeed at the former without succeeding at the latter. A Democratic strategy, that is superb and state of the art on voter targeting and turnout, can’t succeed if you haven’t delivered the goods to the generally younger and less prosperous people you are trying to turn out. Carefully refined political positioning and focus group tested ads won’t win swing voters, if those swing voters haven’t felt the benefits of you being in office. And economic policies that deliver better s

President Snow and Mitch McConnell: The Power Hunger Games

Okay, so the elections were really awful. We have a lot of very serious work to do in the progressive movement. But sometimes when things look dark, you also have to just have some fun. Given the revolutionary message of The Hunger Games, my organization, American Family Voices, decided to make a video which is a take-off of the movie trailer. There is a serious message about needing to create our own movement to fight against greed and the powers that be, but we also just wanted to be entertaining and highly campy. We decided to turn McConnell into President Snow. We naturally had to throw in some props to our most inspiring political leader, Elizabeth Warren. And we turned our own Lauren W

Unleashing the Democratic Tsunami in 2016

Since I have been involved in politics as a full-time job, there have been five times where I had a really bad election night, where the Republicans kicked our ass and won most of the important races: 1980, 1994, 2004, 2010, and of course this year. Every single time was awful. Every single time the country suffered a great deal as a result. But every single time, Democrats came storming back the very next election and had a great year. It’s not too surprising, really: Republicans are an arrogant bunch with really bad and unpopular policy ideas that don’t work out well when they are enacted. And of course, we know that the voting pool in a presidential year tends to look more like the actual

Democrats Failed to Tell Their Story

The era of either political party surviving a tough cycle by localizing elections and grinding victories out race by race through good targeting or clever local ads or tactics is long over, and the Democratic Party needs to finally face that fact. If Democrats don’t have a national story to tell about why they are Democrats and why voters should vote for them — yes, even in red states — they will lose. What Democrats failed to get in 2014 is that every election is now a national election, and the party with the stronger narrative — the party on offense, not defense — will win most of the competitive races. You have to go back 18 years to the 1996 election, when Bill Clinton was triangulating

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