Senators Warren and Brown: Time to Let the Public In on the TPP

This letter from Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown sets the perfect tone for the debate on the TPP. It is respectful while at the same time not backing down an inch in their criticisms of the process so far. It lays out the case on the whole secrecy issue, and, while being respectful of the president, asks for the same respectfulness from him: “Mr. President, This week, you said that the American people should look at the facts of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (“TPP”) before taking a position on it. We agree. We write to request that you promptly declassify the latest bracketed negotiating text of the TPP and release it publicly before asking Congress to vote on “fast track” author

Mr. President: The More You Attack Us, The More We’ll Fight Back

The stories about the President and his aides escalating the fight with progressives over Fast Track and TPP are getting me worked up: Democrats Prepare for Battle as Fast Track Nears the Senate Floor Obama Compares Progressive Opposition to Trade Deal to ‘Death Panels’ as the Left Ramps Up Opposition Obama: Liberal trade critics ‘don’t know what they’re talking about’ I have lived through this before and the repercussions weren’t pretty. I shouldn’t be giving advice to the President since he is on the other side of this Fast Track/TPP fight, but I will anyway: Mr. President, you are badly hurting yourself by escalating this fight with the progressive community over trade. Short term on t

White House Trade Strategy: Talk Progressive, Use Wall Street to Negotiate the Deal

At the Stop Fast Track Rally yesterday, AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka talked about the White House trying to undermine labor solidarity by going behind his back to local labor folks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade treaty: Let’s leave aside for a moment the disrespect that that shows to one of the administration’s closest, tried-and-true political allies. I’m sure they are telling these local labor folks how wonderfully progressive this trade deal will be for workers. It isn’t unlike the new Progressive Coalition for American Jobs organization that just popped up — which seems to have no progressive groups in the coalition but uses progressive-sounding talking points to make the case f

Elizabeth Warren’s Comprehensive Wall Street Reform Agenda

Elizabeth Warren has given her fair share of great speeches, and has written some outstanding legislation on reforming Wall Street, but her speech on April 15 to the Hyman P. Minsky Conference was the best Wall Street policy speech I have ever heard her, or anyone, ever give. It was comprehensive without being a laundry list of in-the-weeds wonkiness. It laid out a strong philosophical rationale for why we need to do these reforms, and it was politically compelling as well. Her politically compelling argument laid out a strong philosophical rationale for why we need these reforms. Perhaps most importantly, she did all this while masterfully refuting the hackneyed attacks about her being anti

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