Wall Street, The Koch Brothers and the Alternative

Wall Street and the Koch brothers have an agenda for America that, unless you are worth at least $50 million and are a top executive of a huge and powerful corporate conglomerate, won’t work out very well for you. The Democratic Party must embrace a progressive populist economic agenda if it wants to offer a winning alternative in 2016. Here’s what JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon said recently: that his company’s “astronomical ... regulatory, legal, and political burden ... will go away.” He didn’t say how, but one can only assume that he is counting on his lobbyists to work with all the politicians he has given tons of money to in order to make that happen. Then there’s the Kochs and their

Trump, Jeb, Jamie Dimon: Out-of-Touch 1-Percenters

Donald Trump is getting the lion’s share of attention in the Republican circus right now, but he is hardly the only 1-percenter who is utterly out of touch. The media loves Trump for his arrogant grandstanding and his remarkably unfiltered quotes — they make him so much less boring than every other presidential candidate. The fact, though, is that the arrogance among wealthy elites in this country is so high right now that aside from his showmanship, Trump really isn’t all that much out of the 1-percent mainstream. Today’s example is Jeb Bush’s statement that people in this country need to work harder. The economic reality is that Americans already work harder than citizens in any other indu

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