Puppets of the Koch Brothers

I have been arguing for some time that the Republican Party establishment is now thoroughly controlled by the Koch brothers and their close circle of billionaire cronies. On the policy issues that matter the most to the Kochs — on climate change, taxation and the budget, education, labor and wages, regulatory policy in general — the positions of Republican leadership in Congress and all of the Republican presidential candidates are almost completely identical to the Koch libertarian ideology. That is a scary thing because of how radically far right the Koch agenda is: no minimum wage, no regulation to protect our environment, the repeal of healthcare for millions of Americans, and the flood

Julian Bond’s Path and the Crossroads in Front of Us Today

I have been thinking a lot about the incomparable Julian Bond the last couple of days, but as he would no doubt be saying, in spite of our sorrow, we have to keep our eyes on the prize. The contrast could not be greater between the violence in word and deed of so many modern day conservatives and the path Julian Bond forged to make a new way for us in this world. I am looking with dismay today at footage of thugs working for Scott Walker pushing around demonstrators. Walker then brags about it, talking about how tough he is and how we will fight back against the “special interest” demonstrators. This video brings to mind what happened when my colleague Lauren Windsor found out where the la

Trump and the Koch-heads

The debate season is starting, and there is no doubt that it is entertaining. The media’s obsession with Trump will not be diminished by last night’s debate, as both the moderators and the other candidates in both the prime time and happy hour debates circled around the persona of Trump as the planets circle the sun. The run-up to the debate over the last week has been all-Trump-all-the-time, and there’s no reason to think that will stop anytime soon. Ultimately, though, I firmly believe that Donald Trump will not be the Republican presidential nominee- and I don’t think it will be because he blows himself up with an outrageous comment, as he has already proved that making outrageous comment

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