What Are Democrats to Do?

I wanted to close my blogging for the year by looking at the big picture for the future of the Democratic party. The 2016 cycle feels like it started even earlier than usual, and not just because Donald Trump’s bloviating got the media so worked up so fast. The Republicans, following old Dick Nixon’s Southern strategy to its horrifically logical conclusion, have become the party of open racism and violence: as Karen Tumulty suggested in the Washington Post, Trump can’t go over the line because there are no lines, they’ve all been obliterated. And Democrats are still in a debate over how to respond to the increasing nastiness and cynicism of their opponents. One camp believes everything is ok

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree: A New Record for DC Cynicism?

Every year, corporate lobbyists look for must-pass budget bills to attach riders to that help pad their companies’ profits with specially designed tax loopholes or subsidies. These insider deals would make any normal ethical person blush, but they are part and parcel of a DC culture which has grown steadily more corrupt over the last 35 decades. However, this little article, which in any other era would have been widely reported and followed up on by other journalists, raises the question: Does this secret lobbyist meeting set a new record in terms of DC cynicism? Here’s what was reported: In an audio recording of a strategy session obtained by The Intercept, major trade association lobbyist

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