A Progressive Vision of Globalization

When pushing bad trade deals or trying to convince us that nothing can be done about the lack of wage growth or income inequality, the pro-multinational corporation pundit class will tell us that it is all globalization’s fault, and since we can’t stop globalization, there’s nothing we can do to help increase pay or level the playing field. But here’s what is important to understand: It is precisely because we can’t stop globalization that we should have more rules in place to protect working families, not just here in America, but all over the world. And for those who suggest that it isn’t possible, be clear on one thing: They are saying this to help the big businesses who exploit those wor

The New Airbnb-Landlord Connection

Libertarian technology enthusiasts get very excited about the idea of apps and other new tech ideas disrupting existing markets and creating new ones. The problem, though, is that the ultimate goal tends to be less about “disrupting” markets than creating new ones with almost no rules. Which brings us to the case of Airbnb. Everything Airbnb projects in its warm and fuzzy public communications strategy is that the company is all about allowing individuals to cut deals with each other to rent all or part of their homes to traveling strangers from around the world. That is a fun idea which, as the company reminds us all of in every advertisement and public statement, brings in a little reven

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