The Unifying Theory of Political Everything

There is so much craziness going on in the political world right now that it makes it hard to think, as random supernovas of strangeness keep exploding in the political atmosphere. But like physicists trying to explain all the seeming contradictions and strange anomalies of how the universe operates, maybe we should be looking for a theory that unifies everything, a theory that can explain all the total weirdness of American politics right now. Today, I go in search of a unifying theory of political everything. How to explain all this weirdness in the political universe: After decades of nominating the next establishment guy in line (the first George Bush, Dole, the 2nd George Bush, McCain,

Human Rights Abuses Arriving at Boston Logan, Courtesy of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways began daily service from Boston last week, and its arrival brings some pretty heavy baggage. The “luxury” airline is owned by the State of Qatar, an oil-rich dictatorship in the Middle East on the border of Saudi Arabia, where migrant workers are dying by the thousands in deplorable working conditions akin to slavery. It’s estimated by independent human rights groups that 4,000 workers will die building the 2022 FIFA World Cup soccer stadiums in Doha. At the Alliance for Workers Against Repression Everywhere (AWARE), we are working to expose U.S. trade relations with companies like Qatar Airways and countries like its namesake that abuse their workers and deny their human right

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