Inversion: Viagra for Tax Dodgers

Today, in honor of Tax Day and to highlight corporate inversions and other tax-dodging schemes, American Family Voices, Americans for Tax Fairness, and the Agenda Project Action Fund launched a video parody entitled “Inversion, from Pfizer, the Makers of Viagra.” Now, I may be biased — I’m the president of AFV — but I think that any time you can make a video that combines policy with penis dysfunction pills, you have a winner! Here’s what inspired the ad. The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was trying to merge with Ireland-based Allergan in what is called a “corporate inversion,” in order to save up to $35 billion it currently owes in U.S. taxes on its offshore profits. Pfizer scuttled that plan

Castro Controversy: Why Aren’t All the Defenders Defending Him on the Substance?

In 2008, the massive housing bubble collapsed due to Wall Street’s manipulating of markets and government, as well as a whole lot of old-fashioned fraud. The result for working-class Americans: millions of homes lost to foreclosure, millions more underwater. Now one would think that the government agencies assigned to dealing with housing, principally the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) would have been all over this massive crisis, and done everything they could do to help the homeowners who were devastated by these events. Instead, they have acted much more in Wall Street’s favor. In fact, in the last two Distressed Housing Ass

The Panama Papers Are the Tip of the Iceberg: Cracking Down on Wealthy Cheaters

As you might be expecting from the headline, I am going to be talking about the Panama papers in this article, but the Panama papers revelations are just the tip of the iceberg, so before I get there, I have to spend some time talking about an array of other members of the .1 of the one percent who apparently have no concern whatsoever about breaking the law. I want to highlight this issue not only because I am angry to hear about all this cheating, but because we as a society have to do something serious about it: The costs are just too huge. It is bad enough that governments all over the world are shorted hundreds of billions of tax dollars owed, and the rest of us taxpayers have to bear t

Bad for Business: 2016 Republicans

I have long believed that progressive economic policies are far better for most businesses than the policies of the modern Republican party. Oh, sure, Republicans will do a good job of taking care of their biggest contributors and closest special interest cronies — the Koch brothers won’t have to worry much about pollution laws or anti-trust enforcement if the people they support control the government. But for most businesses, progressive policies are going to help them a lot more than they hurt them. As I have written in the past: Higher wages mean more disposable income for customers. Paid sick leave and decent health care benefits mean more stability in the workforce for most companies.

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