The Hillary Clinton I Know

I am back from the Democratic convention, and beyond all the socializing and speeches, it made me reflective about these weird, wild, but truly historic times. Those of us who are part of the progressive movement should understand that we are living in a moment of unique opportunity, if only we choose to seize it. One of the on-going dynamics this year at the convention was the presence of so many passionate Bernie people. Some of them were involved in various kinds of protests, fueled in part by their understandable anger over the wikileaks email release that forced Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign. But most of them were doing the regular delegate thing of participating in the life of t

The Kaine Pick: No Surprises But Big Questions

Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine as her running mate is the least surprising political thing that has happened all year long. He was the widely recognized front runner from the moment people starting talking about who her pick was likely to be, and that never changed in all the speculation up to the last day. He was one of her earliest supporters; he has very similar stands on issues and approach to governance; he is her close friend; he is very highly regarded by his colleagues in the Senate, and was Obama’s first DNC Chair; he was the favorite candidate of the Clintons’ closest friend and adviser, VA Governor Terry MacAuliffe, and from what we hear, of Bill Clinton as well. He comes f

2 Candidates, 3 Scenarios For The Next 4 Years

As we look to the 2016 presidential election, we need to understand that while we only have two candidates who might be president, we actually have three likely scenarios we might see over the next four years. The first possibility is that Trump wins. Don’t write it off. Yes, thankfully, he is down in most national and swing state polls right now, and is running an undisciplined campaign, which has succeeded in offending two-thirds of the American public. But Trump is an aggressive counter-puncher who knows how to throw his opponents off their game; a lot of the big swing states are still too close for comfort; and a Democratic victory requires a strong turnout of African-American, Latino,

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