Hillary Slayed Monday Night, But There’s Something Deeper Going On Here

If you are reading this, you probably watched the debate Monday night. And if you watched the debate, odds are, you share my view that Hillary slayed it — a CNN poll said Hillary won 62-27, while two focus groups went for Hillary by 17-3 and 18-2. The news will likely get even worse for Trump in the days to come: Fact checkers rated him flat out lying as many as 16 times, and on a lot of those lies, there’s video of him as proof. Meanwhile, many of the things he did say will come back to haunt him: He pays no taxes even though he’s rich because he’s “smart”; he rooted for the housing bubble to collapse and millions to lose their jobs and homes because “that’s called business, by the way”;

Panic? Not Hardly. But Democrats Must Focus On Our Base

Democrats far and wide are asking: is it really possible we might lose to the guy who seems to be trying to brand himself as the worst person in America? Spewing racist rhetoric and conspiracy theories? Check. Making one misogynistic comment after another? Check. Joking about the assassination of Hillary? Check. Encouraging his supporters to beat up protesters? Check. Cozying up to evil dictators? Check. He’s done it all and more, brazenly. And yet somehow Hillary is tied with him in some national polls, even behind in a few. I will admit to being nervous, but I am always nervous before an election because surprising things often happen. I was far more nervous than most Democrats when we w

Hillary Clinton’s Iron Will

When I came to DC to serve in the first Clinton White House in 1993, people back home in the Midwest would sometimes ask me what I thought was the most dysfunctional thing about the legendarily dysfunctional city of Washington, DC. I would tell them it was the national press corps. There were a lot of arrogant, power hungry, self-obsessed people in this city, I would tell them, but I felt like the worst of the worst of them resided in the world of the big national media operations. And in the media-consolidated, click-bait times we live in now, it has only gotten worse. It isn’t that there aren’t some individual reporters who are good people and good reporters, there definitely are. The prob

Democrats Must Ignore Distractions And Seize The Day

Yeah, okay, this hasn’t been the Clinton campaign’s best weekend ever. The media and the Trump campaign both have reasons to play the ‘basket of deplorables’ quote and the health issue up, so of course we will hear a lot of overheated talk about how horrible all this is for Hillary. The simple fact, though, is that neither a quote that needed a little tweaking (if she had said “some” of Trump supporters rather than “half,” the quote would not have been news), nor the news about walking pneumonia is going to change the fundamental dynamics of this race. When Hillary performs well in the first debate on September 26th, all the health talk goes away — just ask the veterans of the Mondale and Re

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