Democrats: Fight Every Battle

One of my favorite sayings from Elizabeth Warren is: “We might not win every battle we fight, but if we don’t fight we can’t win.” That is theme of this fifth video in my “Politics Guy” series. (Fair warning: I get a little profane about Donald Trump, but certainly no more than he deserves.) And it’s my message to my fellow Democrats: we need to be fighting every battle with the Republicans. We messed up by not investing in the Kansas House special election that was far more winnable than the experts in D.C. said it was. Now, in addition to the GA special that everyone is paying attention to, we need to be making a major investment in the Montana House special election. More details about th

Democrats, Don't Have A Bombgasm

Donald Trump has found out that he can do something that won’t get universally panned, and is using it to distract people from the all the other horrible things he is doing. Bombing the hell out of everything: it’s a perfect twofer for him. Too many Democrats are playing into his hands, with their unquestioning support of his launching of bombs without a single long term plan in place. Not to mention his lack of consultation with Congress. Democrats whose knees jerk in approval whenever Trump drops a bomb need to remember what happened to Democrats who went along with George Bush on the Iraq War in 2002: when the war went badly and weapons of mass destruction were never discovered, history d

A Syrious Distraction

The way Syrian dictator Assad treats his country’s people is an outrage, just as the way Saddam Hussein treated his people had been before the Iraq War, but I’m not buying Donald Trump’s sudden outbreak of compassion for the children gassed by Assad last week. He didn’t give a damn about them when it happened in 2013; he hasn’t cared about Assad torturing and bombing and shooting Syrian children for years; he hasn’t wanted to accept any refugee Syrian children or their parents to our country even though Assad put their lives in grave danger. Donald Trump’s presidency has been a mess, his policies have been a disaster, his poll numbers are sinking faster than any president in history. So what

Devin Nunes: Fool on the Hill

In today’s installment of “Mike Lux: The Politics Guy,” we take on that whole Russia thing, truly one of the weirdest twists in American politics since… well, ever. Where there is smoke there is fire, and this one threatens to burn down the White House. The other big picture thing to note on Russia: OMG the hypocrisy. I was born in 1960, and being the precocious little sh*t I was, I was already following politics in the late ‘60s. From that time on, the Republicans on the national scene have been non-stop and very loudly beating the drum about the Russian threat to America. Their sudden u-turn since Trump became their nominee is stunning to watch. Here is the video, below that is the script:

Paul Ryan: Policy Wonk FAIL

This article originally appeared at The Huffington Post. Today Mike Lux Media is launching a new video series: “Mike Lux, The Politics Guy.” Having navigated the twisted world of DC politics for three decades, an old political hand like me can offer a bit of insight into this brave new world of Trumpian absurdity. These videos will be my snarky, occasionally profane effort at illuminating how truly messed up Trump, Ryan, McConnell, and their fellow Republicans are, I’ll also tackle the big-money corporate lobbyists, the chronically daft cable TV pundits, and yes, even some Democrats who are a little too worried about currying favor with the aforementioned corporate interests. First up is the

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