We Need to Make Demands From the On-Demand Economy

High tech hyper-libertarians, and increasingly right wing politicians who love both their money and their vision of marketplaces with no regulations, love to sell the virtues of the “sharing economy”, as they call it. Others slightly less enamored might call it the gig economy or the on-demand economy (which might be the most descriptive term, as I will write more of below), but whatever you call it, there are real concerns with having marketplaces with no rules to govern them. Check out this great rant by Bill Maher to get the funniest take on these problems: What the hyper-libertarian dreamweavers of Uber and AirBnB are spinning is a world where anyone can earn a little extra money on th

A Bold New Agenda Bubbling Up From the Grassroots

The media remains obsessed with Donald Trump and whom he will insult next, about Hillary Clinton’s emails (why does the media get consumed with such excruciatingly boring and trivial stuff?), about the ups and downs of a presidential campaign more akin to a circus freak show, and now (speaking of circuses) what will happen next in the House Republican caucus. But right under the surface, there is something exciting going on, a political and policy movement bubbling up that historians may well someday look back on and call the most important development of 2015. A revitalized progressive movement is forging a new economic agenda that is energizing and mobilizing activists all over the country

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