Joel Hates Health Care Repeal

The Politics Guy's good friend Joel Silberman is our inaugural guest star! While Joel is fighting cancer, Senate Republicans are fighting to take away his health care. Is it a gay thing? Apparently not this time...

Healthcare Repeal Horror: Showdown Part III

We killed it once... We killed it twice... Maybe the third time is the charm. The Republicans are back at it again with their horrifying healthcare plans. Call your senator NOW to fight back. (202) 224-3121

The Definition of Freedom

Conservatives spend a lot of time talking about freedom. They seem deathly afraid that government is going to take all their freedoms away. Progressives don’t talk about freedom nearly enough, even though it is the cornerstone of what we want in society. For too long, we have let conservatives go on and on about it without saying very much on the subject ourselves. That needs to change. At the heart of the matter is how we define freedom. Conservatives are obsessed that government might actually keep them from mistreating their workers, worsening climate change, or cheating their clients and gaming their taxes. Some of them even glory in their freedom to harass the women in their workplace a

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