Why Democrats Don't Need Wall Street

My old colleague Doug Schoen from the Clinton White House days has an op-ed out in the New York Times that is remarkable for its audacity. In “Why Democrats Need Wall Street,” he argued that Democrats have not been winning many elections lately because the party philosophy has become more Bernie Sanders and less Bill Clinton. According to Schoen, “moving the party away from a reflexive anti-Wall Street posture” was a key factor in the success of one Clinton presidency and the defeat of another. Let’s start with the basic premise, that getting closer to Wall Street helps in winning elections. Any serious look back on Clinton’s 1996 campaign would have to note that the most important moment

What Kinds of Businesses Get Helped by the Republican Tax Plan?

Republicans have officially stopped caring about the deficit they bemoaned constantly for the eight years Barack Obama was president. And in the face of all kinds of non-partisan analysis, some of them even are admitting that yes, the enormous tax cuts they propose are mostly benefitting very rich people. However, the GOP insists that increasing the deficit in service to the bottom line of the top 1% is worth the tradeoff because it will trigger an explosion in economic growth, wage increases, and new jobs. Oh, and they also have a bridge in Brooklyn they want to sell you. The “small businesses” that will be helped most by the Republican tax plan are so-called pass-through businesses.

Don't Trickle On Me

The Republicans are in fantasy land again with their proposed tax "reform" for the budget. Want to know why it's really called "trickle-down economics?" Tune in now...

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