Rapists and Vampire Squids

With Roy Moore and Trump's tax plan at the forefront of the news, Mike tackles both rapists and vampire squids in one episode.

Democrats Face an Intersection

We Won Big, Thank Goodness: But How Do We Keep It Going? It was a joy, and frankly a relief to see that Democrats can sometimes win big elections. And it was a huge victory, not just in the marquee governor’s race in VA and in the stunning pick-ups in their House of Delegates, but all over the country. NJ Democrats dominated everything. Dems picked up control of the Washington State Senate. Maine passed a Medicaid expansion ballot initiative by a big margin. Historically Republican Delaware County, PA now has Democratic control of the county commission. Democrats swept aside Republican mayors in Manchester, NH; St. Petersburg, FL; and Charlotte, NC. Progressive people of color and transgende

The Tax Plan Has A Koch Problem

The Koch brothers are doing their best to pass the #TrumpTaxScam. You know, the one where the rich get massive tax breaks and low and middle income Americans get screwed? Because of course they are.

Don’t Call It Tax Reform: It’s Just Tax Cuts

Republicans are describing their effort to change America’s tax laws as “reform,” but their proposals are really just one more giveaway to the top 1%, which gets 80% of the benefits of their plan. It’s time to call it what it is: tax cuts for the rich, because it sure isn’t reform. Reform would entail a robust discussion of closing major loopholes such as those that exclusively benefit millionaires and billionaires. There are scores of egregious examples, but I will just focus on one of the worst today: a billion-dollar loophole that forces working class taxpayers to subsidize the air travel of affluent private and corporate jet owners. That’s right: when Jamie Dimon flies off to the Cayman

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