Paul Booth: Fighting for Everyone to his Last Day

There have been some wonderful eulogies for movement giant Paul Booth, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last week. Those of us who were his friends-- and that number is legion, as Paul had been a good friend to so many people-- are still reeling from the loss. Paul was a giant of the progressive movement in every sense of the word, but he was also a fun person who was a joy to be around. He never took himself too seriously, and always had an impish grin on his face, enjoying the strangeness and humor of life and of his work. I’m not sure what Paul was doing for social justice when he was in elementary school, but as far as I can tell he spent every day of the rest of his life being

MLK the Bold Progressive

We celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. day on Monday. But did you know that MLK had such bold and progressive ideas? Mike walks us through it...

Fire and Fury is Entertaining, But...

Donald Trump never ceases to entertain. The Wolff book rings true, with its jaw-dropping portrait of chaos and intrigue, warring White House factions and infantile narcissism – it’s simultaneously funny and terrifying. This is the story of the Trump presidency: a haunted house where every room is more startlingly macabre than the next. And so we Democrats gape and guffaw, wondering what bizarre thing will happen next, following his tweets and the news coverage just as fervently as any Trump loyalist. I don’t think that this is particularly healthy or useful, but I’ve given up trying to get people to stop. It’s like the car wreck you can’t look away from. Some Democrats argue that their part

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