We Call Bullshit on “Community" Banks

Mike's colleague and BFF Lauren Windsor joins The Politics Guy to talk about her most recent reporting on a Senate bill to deregulate Wall Street. Because we TOTALLY need another financial crisis...

A Pile of Crapo

Politicians tend to kick ass when they take on the big banks on Wall Street. So why are some Democrats sucking up to them right now? It’s dumb politics, and worse policy, to lessen the oversight we have over the big bank conglomerates. Mike wants to know: what are you fools thinking?

How Democrats Could Blow the 2018 Elections

A month ago, Democrats were growing more confident they would have a great election year in 2018. Between the president’s dismal approval rating; big wins in Virginia, Alabama, and elsewhere; and other factors, it was looking pretty good for us. But after a month of scattered Democratic messaging, and after folding like a cheap suit on the shutdown fight, no one is feeling as confident. While I think the Monmouth poll that has made Republicans giddy is worse for Democrats than the findings of a variety of other polls, I definitely agree that there is cause for concern, and I still believe that there is a major opportunity for a big blue wave this cycle. Democrats have the best chance since 2

Trump's Hate of the Union

At SOTU 2018, Donald Trump tried to strike a conciliatory, bipartisan tone. That doesn't work so well when you turn around and spew polarizing, race-baiting rhetoric...

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