Mueller Was Never Going to Save Us: Democrats Need to Get Back to Basics

So much hype, to so little effect. DC’s reaction to Attorney General Bob Barr’s doctored summary of the Mueller report is annoyingly predictable. Republicans are joyfully declaring victory, based on the Barr spin that Mueller did not actually use the words “Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty." The media is breathlessly reporting everything anyone is saying about the subject, even though hardly anyone has read the actual report and most of what is being said is pure speculation. Meanwhile, too many Democrats are hanging their heads because they had imagined that the report would deliver a smoking gun, and that such a finding would make the 2020 election easy. Democrats need to slow down and take

What It Takes to Win a Landslide

I made a trip to Iowa last week to speak at the Iowa Building Trades Council meeting and see old friends. It’s always fascinating to go out there at this stage of a presidential cycle and see what the political scuttlebutt is, who has already landed with various candidates, and who is making positive impressions with the good people of my old home state. One thing I was surprised to see was how few people have already signed up with candidates. In two days in Des Moines and Altoona, but seeing people from all over the state because of the Building Trades meeting and some hang time at the State Capitol Building, I talked to only one person who was already signed up with a candidate. Some of y

Chill The F*ck Out

It seems like all Democrats want to do right now is bicker about the primaries. May we remind you, we are 339 days away from the first vote being cast. Mike suggests we chill the f*ck out and learn to get along, for 2020's sake.

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