The Things Everyone Should Know About Electability

“Electability” is the hottest word of the moment, on every Democrat’s mind for sure. Our sprawling, unwieldy, feisty, hyper-diverse party is united around one thing and one thing only: beating Donald Trump. As we should be, because this guy is a direct and total threat to our entire democracy. But there are lots of myths about electability, and Democrats need to separate the myths from the facts to make a rational decision about who to support. Various candidates' strategies represent far more than one sensible school of thought about the best pathway to electability. Biden personifies the comfortable-as-an-old-shoe theory; Cory and Kamala's aim is to maximize the people of color vote; Be

Democrats, Stop Failing at Economics 101

Voters don’t like Donald Trump very much: his approval rating has never been higher than 45%; it’s generally stuck in the low 40s; and it occasionally dips down into the 30s when he is letting his id run the show. The percentage of voters who strongly disapprove of him regularly tops the 50% mark. But Democrats, who have been known to surprise everyone by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, could still easily lose this election for one major reason: economics. The economy, gliding on the solid economic foundation Obama built and overheated by the massive deficit spending from the Republican tax cuts, seems to be doing great according to a lot of economic benchmarks. Trump may not, h

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