The Next Big Economic Issue The Republicans Are About To Screw Up

The health care fight showed once again that bad policy is almost always bad politics. This stinker of a bill had 17 percent support in the last poll taken before Ryan had scheduled a vote on it, and the only reason it was that high was that there is still 17 percent of the American public that will support whatever Trump says is okay. Which isn’t a very high number, but at least Trump still has that going for him... I have been basking in the health care victory since Friday afternoon, happy that the Republicans screwed up so badly, but also more proud than I can say in the progressive movement that is fighting Trump and Ryan so effectively. Having been one of the first people involved in H

Who’s Protecting Airbnb’s Guests from Discrimination?

The debate over Airbnb in Miami and Miami Beach is getting hotter by the day between the $30 billion short-term rental company and city officials, especially the mayors, who are showing a rare instance of bi-partisanship. Executives from Airbnb may wear t-shirts and run a hip, online company in the shared economy, but their business tactics increasingly resemble the aggressive and entitled nature of Wall Street’s toughest players. And by operating as secretly as they do, the company faces a growing number of civil liberties complaints. Airbnb is determined to exert its will whether a community wants it around or not. The company has shown little respect for established laws, zoning and regul

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