Thanks to the millions who fought to save our health care

I have a friend, diabetic like me, who could not afford insurance and whose health spiraled worse and worse. He died alone in his apartment one night, too sick to get himself to the emergency room. I have another couple of friends who lost their child because their lifetime cap on their insurance policy was hit and they couldn’t get the medicine they needed to keep their daughter alive. I have relatives who went years without coverage, desperately gambling everything because they couldn’t afford it with the health issues they had. As a small businessman, my health insurance costs had nearly driven me out of business because I am a diabetic and other employees had pre-existing conditions. Whe

True Patriotism

So, 241 years ago we had that whole Declaration of Independence thing. The July 4th holiday is always a good time to think about what true patriotism is, and to think about history a little— especially about the lessons of history for the moment we are living in right now. Patriotism at its best is the kind that loves our country passionately, treasures what is great about it (which is a lot), but also looks honestly at our flaws, past and present, and resolves to make our nation better. That’s what our founding fathers did when they realized that the Articles of Confederation had left the federal government too weak and ineffectual, and wrote a constitution that started out by stating that

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