How the GOP Stole Christmas

Mike's got an idea of what Christmas is really about, and it's a little different (okay, more than a little different) than what the Trumpers would have you believe... It's time to get back in the Christmas spirit, folks.

GOP Goes Gordon Gekko

The GOP has a rare moment in which they get real about their tax plan, featuring Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch telling America how they REALLY feel about poor and middle income folks. Better watch out for those lazy, leeching six-year-olds, everyone...

Corporate Crime Built Into the Business Model

I am an old-fashioned kind of guy: when I do business with a company, I want to purchase good products and services for a reasonable price. Maybe it’s odd enough in these times, but I don’t want the company I am doing business with to be either cheating me or to be engaged in criminal enterprises. Call me crazy. When the financial collapse happened, and I started reading the books and articles explaining what had gone down, I was appalled to learn how much the biggest companies in the financial sector were committing crimes as a regular part of their daily business. From the ratings companies giving false Triple A grades on bonds certain to go bust, to falsifying data on home mortgages, to t

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