How Progressives and Democrats Can Get Their Groove On

Promising polls show Democrats strongly united as we move toward fall elections, with supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren currently showing near unanimous support for Biden. Given the hard feelings from the 2016 presidential primary, the lack of enthusiasm among young voters and Bernie supporters that cost us dearly in the 2016 election, and the sometimes fractious policy battles we have seen in the party over the last few years, it is clear that Donald Trump is the Democratic Party's great unifier. But what is also true is that the Biden campaign, after a bruising primary, is doing a good job of bringing progressives to the table and making them feel better about his candidacy

Democrats: Time for Optimism and Courage

It's been a big policy week in Bidenland. The issue task force the Biden campaign set up in conjunction with Team Bernie released its 110-page report with lots of praise from Bernie. A new economic proposal that Biden credited Elizabeth Warren and unions with helping him develop promised major progressive reforms in procurement and new investments in manufacturing. Progressives and Democrats should feel cheered by these bold new policy ideas, and have optimism about a Biden presidency. Turning to the topic of optimism about the election, everyone is well aware that Democratic polling also continues to look very good. If the election were held today (and most people were able to vote safely,

The Declaration

It's always very ironic when the man who probably knows less about history than anyone alive, i.e. Donald Trump, does a historically themed event. Do you suppose he knew that one of the presidents on Mt. Rushmore behind him had actually been the one opposing the Confederacy? If told, could he have guessed which one? The good thing about the July 4th weekend's festivities, though, is that we have dramatically laid out in front of us the contrast between our two main presidential candidates. Trump has given us the most ugly, hate-filled, racist version of his dark vision for America. Biden's response was a more progressive vision of America, one that builds on our country's best historical ide

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