Warning Signs: Don’t Panic, But Plenty to Be Nervous About

We are entering the scary time of the election season, and there are more reasons to worry than the normal tightening of the polling in the battleground states. Note: this column has recommendations for two groups. The first is the Biden campaign, because I think there needs to be some course correction. The second is the progressive movement, because we lefties are definitely going to need to help save the day. I want to start by saying that there are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic, and plenty of good things the Biden campaign is doing. The Build Back Better policy work has been solid, and the messaging around it has been effective, a nice blend of mainstream Democratic language comb

Democrats: Time to Cut the Bullshit On Either/Or Politics

I tend to pull my hair out when listening to Democrats who engage in endless debates over whether to have a message that appeals to base voters or swing voters. I have been hearing these debates for my entire 40-year career in Democratic and progressive politics, and especially now, with the stakes so damn high, I can’t believe I am hearing them again. We don’t have to choose, folks. In fact, if we do choose an either/or path, we will once again lose an election. And, as we all well know, if we lose this one, democracy in the good old USA is done for, along with any chance of lessening the devastating effects of climate change. So to all my Democratic friends: it’s time to cut the bullshit.

Progressives: We Have to Win This Definitional Fight

Every Democrat, every progressive with a brain in their head knows the urgency and centrality of winning the 2020 elections and defeating Trump and his authoritarian cronies. But there is also great urgency and import in winning the central definitional fight with the Trump machine over the nature of what is going on in America right now. If Trump can succeed at defining the Black Lives Matter protests as merely violence and thuggery, we will not only likely lose this election: we will have lost a historic opportunity to actually make real progress on both racial and economic justice. To make the most obvious point imaginable, Donald Trump is trying to scare the shit out of voters with his c

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