DNC Needs A Chair Out Of The Box And Out Of The Beltway

I have decided to throw my support behind Keith Ellison in the DNC chair’s race. We have some great candidates, including three of our best state chairs. Tom Perez was one of the best labor secretaries this country ever had, and he would be a terrific chair. But Keith is uniquely positioned to bring this party together and forge a path to victory in 2018 and 2020. I say that as an almost 25-year member of the DC party establishment. I came to DC after working on Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign in order to serve in his White House, and I will always love and admire the Clintons, as well as President Obama and his team. But I also know that the Sanders wing of the party, along with other progress

Darkest Before The Dawn

I have been thinking a lot about the song Pete Seeger wrote in 1969 called “Quite Early Morning” where he sings, “You know it’s darkest before the dawn and it’s this thought that keeps me moving on...” 1969 was a pretty rough year for American progressives. 1968 had seen the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, and the election of arguably the most appalling man ever elected president of these United States, Richard Nixon — up until the 2016 election anyway. The Vietnam War was at its worst moment. Riots raged in the streets of America, frequently instigated by FBI and CIA domestic spies trying to discredit the peace and civil rights movements. Seeger, who a generatio

Human Rights Day: Will Trump’s Administration Side With The Dictators?

It is Human Rights Day today, and with Donald Trump about to become our next president, we have to wonder whether the Trump administration and State Department will do anything positive at all on that issue. The early signs aren’t exactly what you’d call hopeful: • Trump has made no secret of his admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and both he and his cabinet have business ties to the authoritarian state. This completely disregards Russia’s violent suppression of academics, journalists, and political opponents; illegal annexation of Crimea in Ukraine; severe laws against homosexuality; and other human rights abuses. • President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Trump have also exchan

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