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Paul Ryan: Policy Wonk FAIL

This article originally appeared at The Huffington Post.

Today Mike Lux Media is launching a new video series: “Mike Lux, The Politics Guy.” Having navigated the twisted world of DC politics for three decades, an old political hand like me can offer a bit of insight into this brave new world of Trumpian absurdity.

These videos will be my snarky, occasionally profane effort at illuminating how truly messed up Trump, Ryan, McConnell, and their fellow Republicans are, I’ll also tackle the big-money corporate lobbyists, the chronically daft cable TV pundits, and yes, even some Democrats who are a little too worried about currying favor with the aforementioned corporate interests.

First up is the most overrated politician in this town, Paul Ryan. He and the GOP really screwed the pooch on health care, and they are about to do so again with tax reform. Watch below...

For folks like me who worked on health care for Hillary and helped write the strategic plan for passing the ACA, I could have told them that the politics on this issue was a little trickier than they might have thought. And having been a part of tax and budget fights in DC since 1993, I can tell them this: if you think health care was tough, just wait until you get to tax policy.

Paul Ryan had seven and a half years to come up with an alternative to Obamacare and all he ended up with was an awful bill hated by just about everybody. And now on taxes, something even more bedrock to the conservative ideology, the anti-tax Republican is now proposing a brand new tax that will screw the voters that gave the Republicans a majority. Paul Ryan is a hypocrite and a fraudster, who is pro-free market and anti-tax only when it is convenient for him. And the “great policy wonk” only seems to come up with policies that suck.

So can we please put that old Washington mythology to rest, that Paul Ryan is a great policy wonk?

Democrats truly are loving how bad Paul Ryan is at politics. He is giving us one hell of an opening, and we must do everything we can to capitalize on it.

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