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A Syrious Distraction

The way Syrian dictator Assad treats his country’s people is an outrage, just as the way Saddam Hussein treated his people had been before the Iraq War, but I’m not buying Donald Trump’s sudden outbreak of compassion for the children gassed by Assad last week. He didn’t give a damn about them when it happened in 2013; he hasn’t cared about Assad torturing and bombing and shooting Syrian children for years; he hasn’t wanted to accept any refugee Syrian children or their parents to our country even though Assad put their lives in grave danger.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a mess, his policies have been a disaster, his poll numbers are sinking faster than any president in history. So what does he do? He figures blowing stuff up in another country will distract us. And sadly, this will be his plan throughout his presidency: fear and distraction are his calling cards.

Don’t fall for it, folks. I spell it all out in my latest installment of The Politics Guy:

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