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President Snow and Mitch McConnell: The Power Hunger Games

Okay, so the elections were really awful. We have a lot of very serious work to do in the progressive movement. But sometimes when things look dark, you also have to just have some fun. Given the revolutionary message of The Hunger Games, my organization, American Family Voices, decided to make a video which is a take-off of the movie trailer. There is a serious message about needing to create our own movement to fight against greed and the powers that be, but we also just wanted to be entertaining and highly campy. We decided to turn McConnell into President Snow. We naturally had to throw in some props to our most inspiring political leader, Elizabeth Warren. And we turned our own Lauren Windsor into Katniss (but gave her suction cup arrows rather than the real kind):

This country needs a movement that will challenge the agenda of McConnell and his closest allies, the Koch brothers and Wall Street. We aren’t for violent revolution like in the books and movie, but we sure are for Big Change, for creating a country where the playing field isn’t always tilted to the wealthy powerful. Our friends at the Harry Potter Alliance are doing a whole campaign on linking The Hunger Games to progressive issues, and that inspired us to throw together our video. We hope you have some fun with it.

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