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Comeygate: Trump's Tuesday Night Massacre

When I was a Junior in high school, I would race home every afternoon to watch the Watergate hearings. They were mesmerizing, especially when the bombshell news broke that Nixon had fired the Special Prosecutor investigating Watergate, as well as the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General for refusing to fire the Special Prosecutor in the first place. The Saturday Night Massacre created the biggest firestorm in American political history, and it wasn’t long before Congress started taking steps toward impeachment.

The Comey firing, when he was not only investigating the Trump campaign for Russia ties, but actually asking for more resources to do so, is a similar moment. We are living in a state of constitutional crisis that won’t be resolved until Congress appoints a special committee to investigate this issue.

Back during Watergate, there were plenty of Republicans with the guts and moral fortitude to support the investigation, and eventually the impeachment, of Nixon. We are living in different times now, in which there are fewer Republicans with any sense of shame or ethics whatsoever. Democrats need to stand up and demand action. They need to shut down the Senate until we have an independent investigation of Trump. Watch my “Mike Lux: The Politics Guy” segment on this issue below:

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